MedallionTM Tall Fescue Mix

MedallionTM is a Summit Hall Trademarked name for an improved, turf-type tall fescue mix. It consists of several equally blended varieties of tall fescue, and a small percentage of improved Kentucky Bluegrass for root strength and self-repairing ability through its rhizoming action. The varieties used have done well in national trials, as well as in our own test plot work at our farm.

The texture of MedallionTM will not be as fine as 100% bluegrass or Meyer Zoysia, but it is significantly finer than K-31, under proper management practices. MedallionTM will withstand more moderate amounts of shade, and its drought tolerance, though not as good as Zoysia, is better than Kentucky bluegrass.

Supreme Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

When an elite cool-season turfgrass is needed to enhance a showplace home or business, or provide quick recovery from minor damage, Summit Hall's Supreme Kentucky Bluegrass Blend successfully satisfies those requirements. Supreme is 100% improved Kentucky Bluegrass Blend of several varieties that have undergone years of extensive local and national testing. Using such a blend gives you a wide adaptability to environmental extremes and disease resistance. The maintenance requirement for this blend is slightly higher than tall fescue. When under IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program, Supreme’s maintenance level can be reduced while still retaining many of its qualities, thus providing a very attractive turfgrass area.


Summit Hall Turf Farm is the pioneer producer of Meyer (Z-52) Zoysia, and has been selling it since 1951. No other improved turfgrass variety has endured such longevity. This stands to reason since the attributes and characteristics of Meyer Zoysia are more important today than 60 years ago. Increased pressure from public and private environmental concerns have caused some to re-evaluate their lawn care programs with respect to the use of pesticides, fertilizers and water. Of the major turfgrass varieties recommended for our area Meyer Zoysia will require the least amount of those ingredients. Coupled with the reduced mowing, due to Zoysia's slow growth rate, and Meyer Zoysia's exceptional density, one begins to understand why it is one of the best all around lawn grasses yet developed.

Meyer (Z-52) Zoysia can be transplanted as sod or plugs. While Summit Hall no longer sells plugs directly, you can still cut the sod into plugs, or create your own plugging garden by sodding a small area, and use a Summit Hall plugging tool to create your own 2 inch diameter deep cut plugs after the sodded area is established. Either way provides an economical way for you to start your Zoysia Grass. If immediate solid coverage is necessary, then sodding is required. Zoysia sod takes more time to grow, therefore, you will pay more for it than other types of sod. However, once that Zoysia is established on site, it will immediately begin to pay dividends in reduced maintenance, making it the least expensive grass in the long run.

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How to Plant and Maintain your Zoysia Plugs

Established Zoysia Maintenance Guide

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